A Suspended Meal


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Pay it forward and buy a meal for a local person or family who is going through a tough time.

This works the same way as a suspended coffee. You can nominate yourself, family members or friends who are suffering hardship. Just let us know their name and contact phone number and we will provide them with a Pay It Forward meal at the Parky (dine in or takeaway). You can email us using info@parkervilletavern.com.au

Where does my money go?
Your money is going straight into the Hills community; not only are you supporting someone in need, but you’re also supporting the Parkerville Tavern to employ local people and to keep trading.

Who can claim a suspended item?
Anyone in need. It can be for a family who’ve lost their home, someone struggling to stretch their pay check, a single mother who is skipping meals to feed her family. It may be a well-dressed businessman; you may not think from appearances that he’s in need but he may be in his third month of job hunting. It’s not up to us to judge – if someone asks, then they’re in need – no résumé required.